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16 September 2005



-->5. mrs budak sleeping on the sofa
oh gawd so sweet!!!

-->4. I sometimes wear socks to bed
erkie says "that is a very common thing to do in cold countries"
W does it too O_O" and i laugh at him lol

-->7 things I say the most:
oh gawd this can't be more true O_O"

-->1. Swim
how can a duck not know how to swim!

-->6. Cry
hmm honestly this is quite an impossible feat for many men

--> 2. Buy a plot of land in Malaysia (preferably a peat swamp forest) and keep it undeveloped for perpetuity
1) that sounds like what land trusts do in the US.
2) W always talks about just buying me a piece of land and not developing it but .... sometimes i really wonder if thats a good method of conservation. whats the point if u have a patch of rainforest amidst farmland or city! ARGH! i dunno... its not good enough of me. preservation is not the answer *angst* but refer to #1 again.

--> 5. Eliminate my beer belly
again, impossible. you like beer too much lor

-->7. Grow a nice stubble
argh don't bother i told u its ugly lah

-->5. I have an occasional fear that I will walk into an invisible wire that will decollate me
bizarre... but then again i visualize myself being knocked down by incoming traffic everytime i cross the road in front of my house


Alright. I'll do it.


we now get homework from reading blogs?? o_O"


aiyah... its up to u all lah... except for monkey, of course... hehe...


WAH!.... what u mean except for me?
*enslavement* *cries*
poaching of monkeys is illegal!!!!

anyway im bored so im going to do this one now :P

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