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16 January 2006



Absolutely beautiful, these tiny little gems.

But also sadly probably under threat of extinction. I wonder what gems remain undiscovered in the rainforest streams of South-east Asia.


B. maculatus is still pretty common upstate, while the Bornean species are restricted to peat swamps in Southern Kalimantan I believe. Palm oil plantation are probably the biggest threat to these 'economically unproductive' habitats.

In Sarawak, there is also Sundadanio axelrodi (with at least three different colour populations) and also undescribed cyprinids even smaller than the Boraras.


I just had a bad breakout of ick in my tank and lost 3 of my 8 exclamation point rasboras (I didn't know they were sick because I myself had the flu and my husband didn't do more than feed them and take a headcount while I was convalescing). Anyway, do you think that having only 5 in my 5 gallon community tank (with a very passive betta and 2 cherry shrimp) is enough, or will then eventually show signs of stress from being such a small group? I've called my LFS, but they don't currently have any exclamation points in stock and can't get them for me for another 10-15 days :(

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