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14 August 2006



I would like to think that one of the reasons there are less mossies in the padi fields are due to the drainage system in place. You notice that the water in the "drains" are usually free flowing and filled with clean water? It apparently part of an ancient system to distribute water to the padi fields. It's designed in such a way that the water is alway flowing. Ingenius eh?


Ya. that too probably. Apparently, they have a very structured approach to their irrigation and hydrological management, whereby every plot-owner gets access (or is able to block water flow to his plot when needed) to the water flowing down from the mountains. I was told the farmer at the very bottom of the area (just before the streams merge with the larger rivers) is responsible for ensuring that the system works (as he would be the first to suffer should the water fail to flow sufficiently).


beautiful photos! the wasp (with the waist to die for) is in the family Eucharitidae; they are parasites of ants.


wah! thanks for IDing the family. Looks like it: http://www.myrmecos.net/insects/Eucharitid1.html

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