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26 March 2011


anna tambour

One of your best, though I'm emitting a milk of acidic jealousy. The only nudibranchs I've ever seen in the wild are two Sea Hares (Aplysia dactylomela). Were they involved? I don't know, but I'm all for their mechanisms to protect themselves against canine gourmands and scientists who don't respect their privacy. (See http://www.australiangeographic.com.au/journal/secrets-of-sea-slug-sex-revealed.htm" )

Those "spicule-bearing tubercles" you write of are fascinating. Are the blue sponges that you say this dorid eats siliceous?

Rick MacPherson

hey there! looks like i'll be in singapore for a few days on april 27-28(en route to field work in indonesia)... any chance we can meet for coffee or grab some food? my treat!

would be great to meet you!

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