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17 November 2004



Wah, so nice, your tank. I hope I can make mine look as nice. And congrats on your new (type)pad!

mrs budak

WAAAHHHt?? How dare you steal my bananas to feed your fish?!!


Kim Cheng (KC)

A tank in the kitchen? I guess Mrs Budak doesn't cook much. Anyway, I just want to congratulate you on the official opening of your website if there is one.

mrs budak

On behalf of budak, I thank you for your well wishes! All gifts are welcome c/o mrs budak's grocery fund.

Hee hee.

I do cook and quite a lot. That's why I'm very fed up when budak's plant experiments get in the way! budak had to get rid of some plants so that I have more space to prepare my meals! Then again, my cooking is not bad so budak should not complain!!


This tank looks like my toilet bowl!



Great images and site.
Quick sugestion, set your dpi tp 72 to make them smaller.

Best regards,


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