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06 February 2005


angry monkey

OMG! i still cant believe it even though i know there are such ignorant little brats around! can't imagine the angst i fill right now. wtf does he think he is?! I WOULD LIKE TO THROW A ROCK AT HIM! see how he'd like that! WTF!


Are monitor lizards harmless to humans?

Even as a city kid who cannot tell a monitor lizard from a small crocodile.. I know better than to aggravate two-and-a-half foot long scary looking reptile!

We can only hope our boy-wonder would modify his behaviour when meeting unfamilar creatures before he unwittingly aggravates some other species which may not be as peaceable. Else he may not make it to puberty. (Assuming he does not get clubbed to death by a digicam first!)

"Mess not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.."


As far as I know, nobody has ever died, lost a limb or even suffered lifelong trauma from a clouded monitor lizard.... large Water Monitors (3 ft or more) can have a very nasty bite and scratch though.... but like sharks, it's more often the case that they end up in human cooking pots. More info here: http://mampam.50megs.com/monitors/salvatmag.htm

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