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01 April 2005



Being highly allergic to pain myself, your detailed account is making me reconsider if the pain and discomfort is worth the advantages.

mrs budak

Aiyoh, what's with you wimpy men? I have no idea being kicked in the balls by a donkey feels like, but surely it can't be worse than having your stomach opened up (I have a 6" scar to prove it)! Don't forget - tubal ligation is WAAAY more invasive than a vasectomy.

Anyway think budak got the conventional vasectomy, which has a longer recovery time and is more painful. Heard that there's a no-scalpel version. It involves only 1 incision for both tubes and is almost always done under LA.


poor mrbudak :(
it all sounds really terrible
and mrsbudak's account of you "shuffling gingerly" around the house doesnt help!!! :S

sigh. can't believe theres a certificate that you can proudly hang in your house beside your degrees and awards and hey put the marriage certificate up there while you're at it. sigh

enjoy the miyazaki

PS: how can 7am be unarousing?! Haven't you heard of morning wood? easier to harvest for the viewing pleasures of some doctors in white coats


eh... have you seen the prostrate massage scene in one of those austin kutcher shows (I think its american pie 1)


I'm cringing....


Nothing wrong with 7 a.m.

Don't you have morning wood?

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