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23 May 2005


Like it or not, your parents are the ones that put you in this world... be it by choice or accident.

Perhaps there are deeper reasons why you resent being by her side but I hope you don't have to wait until she can no longer see or talk or hold you before you realise the preciousness of her love.



how could anybody who reads the newspaper not know what an editor is?!

I don't think you're making budak's life any easier. He is already struggling with having to deal with the guilt trips laid on by his mother. His attempts to have an adult-adult relationship with his parents is always thwarted when his parents persist in treating him like an overgrown child.

Avoiding contact with his parents is a way to keep his sanity. You have no idea how his mother literally smothers him whenever she manages to corner him at home.

I can't help but compare with my relationship with my mom. I can go on trips with my mom but I don't think he can imagine doing that with his parents. There's no hate - just a sense of, how do I put it, "fear" and revulsion of being made to feel like a child all over again. I'm not their daughter but I feel it, too, everytime we go back home.

MIL's obsessive need to be near to her son is unhealthy - for her and for budak.

mrs budak

Sorry ah, above comment by me.

Life is not supposedly to easy anyway. Maybe his mom does have a bad case of nursing addiction but that's not exactly unheard of in a parent-child relationship. Besides, I've yet to hear his mom's side of the story.


Oh yah, I don't think your comparisons of your relationship with your mom does him any good either. Not to mention your displeasure to be regarded as her (your MIL's) daughter.

To bridge any gaps, both parties need to take a step forward. Standing still and whinning about how the other person doesn't come over to see things from your side won't change a thing. Worse if the other person don't even understand why or what you are whinning about.

Maybe I just an old-fashioned mouse that has no place in this self-centered world...


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