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29 May 2005



In response to your first question/issue - it's because deciding to have children is a bigger committment now than it ever was. In the past children had to work for their keep, i.e. not piss mommy and daddy off. They were allowed to be disciplined. Now they are pedestaled, spoilt, and regard treating their parents as dirt as a right, even if they're going to have tons of issues with them anyway, once they hit their teens and discover the magic of hormonal dumps (more favourably known as depression for the gravity the word induces).

And this is because there are fewer and fewer children around, so like diamonds and gold, they're more precious (and also cost more). Thus parents feel more helpless around their kids. Thus they are. Thus it falls on the government to try and play parent. Thus the general lack of control. Thus other people looking on in horror and deciding not to have children. Thus the fewer and fewer of them there are.

You get where i'm going with this *wry smile*

As you may be able to tell, i've had some i-could-smack-you-in-the-kisser-where-you-stand encounters with some kids lately.

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