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31 July 2005



yeah thanks to you ive been reading dr wee's blog
he recently just posted about zebra dove but the posts are so far few and far in between but hey these things take time :)
the posts are always detailed and with VERY nice photos!

and i stil dun know whats the different between albizia and P--- whatever
so albizia is the common name ah?

so im not a botanical person... argh
but at least i can differentiate oaks
but damn all those temperate trees still confuses me

at least i know this much...
tar is evil


Archosaurs, not archaeosaurs.

And yes, I've noticed how few people take the time to notice the avifauna around. How people in the Arts Faculty in NUS walk around without even stopping to observe the tailorbirds, yellow-vented bulbuls and even magpie-robins. Or the yellow-crested cockatoos or white-crested laughingthrushes.


Sorry, mistook "ruling reptiles" for "ancient reptiles".. thanks Hai-Ren.

Kent Ridge is one of the last urban strongholds for the magpie robin, a wonderfully perky songbird with the colours of a magpie, cheekiness of a thrush and voice of an angel. The cockatoos probably colonised KR from Bukit Timah (there were none in the late 90s), where flocks roost in the trees above the canal. I have also seen at least two species of woodpeckers, lots of sunbirds, owls, water hens, ioras as well as snakes on the campus grounds.


Oh yes... common flameback and pygmy woodpecker (so tiny!), saw and heard what I believe was a spotted wood owl when I was staying late mugging. I've managed to spot common fruit bats and yellow house bats flying at night. And there was one time a whole crowd was gathered along the corridor watching pest control remove a snake. Judging by the size of the crowd, I thought it was some cobra or even a small python. Turned out to be a tiny little paradise tree snake. Chey!

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