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22 August 2005


cour marly

My parents (specifically mother) no longer expect me to call, or frantically try to reach me on the first day of a biz trip to see if I'm okay. I send them my itinerary via viewtrip, sometimes only a couple days in advance because I simply forget or only finalise at late notice. It's taken some years to perfect this routine, but I think we've gotten it down now. I hate making a fuss about trips, and I hate the hovering that moms like to do!


duck why does it sound almost depressing
i feel a lil sad for ur mom
at least u're not the only child


Do you and mrs budak want to have a baby?


Do you and mrs budak want to have a baby or do your parents want it more?


We don't want to have kids. I had a vasectomy earlier this year. I'd rather not have to account for such decisions, but if you read my past (and mrs budak's) posts, you'll probably get an idea of why we think this way. Unresolved is the question of how my parents (her mum is ok) would take it.

mrs budak

>>Do you and mrs budak want to have a baby or do your parents want it more?

You've asked the correct question - if we had a baby because our parents wanted one and we wanted to satisfy their desire, then we would be having the baby for the wrong reason. I cannot believe that MIL expects us to have a baby just because she said so.

"Just have one". What the hell? Just have one, for what?
(BTW budak didn't tell me MIL said this.)

It's like we have yet to satisfied some unmentioned "requirement", so just have one and get it over and done with.

It sounds like "just pick one", "just buy one", "just take one", etc.

budak, just tell her "no babies" the next time she asks the question. No need to tell her whether I can or cannot. Don't keep giving her the impression that I'm the hinderance to her being "promoted".

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