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27 October 2005



"if ordering and finishing a whole bottle of Riesling was perhaps too much of a good thing"

Nah, just about right i'd say ;)

I've taken the whole of next week off. I will be sporadically drinking a variety of wine and watching the races on tee vee.

I love (being a spectator to) the Spring Racing Carnival, reading about it, betting, drinking, the mood the whole nation succumbs to quite happily.


cos next week got public holidays on Tue and Thursday lor Deepavali + Hari Raya)...

actually I had a glass of champagne and also some dessert wine as well!!.... it's a wonder I could still walk after that!

Enjoy your new home and break!


yes monkey had fun in the stomach of a monkey eating eagle
and i know where ur cherry shrimplet went ;)

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