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18 November 2005



Thanks for this interesting item. I quoted it, plus added a few links, here.


Thanks! Where did you get the image of the bulbul??


ahhh... i loved that post. so ecologyish. Would you happen to know if Dr Ho's papers for erm, public distribution?


He told me he submitted it to Birdlife International. I have emailed him but haven't got a reply yet.

Matt Lambert

I thought you might be interested that I observed a pair of Straw headed Bulbuls at Bukit Batok Nature Park on the 21st January 2011. My companion got some digital photos of them.

Luke Preece

I am the companion refered to in the previous post. This afternoon I got some great photos of a pair right on the edge of the main road in front of Bukit Batok nature park.I also saw them on a few occasions by the lake.

It was my first time to this site and I was shocked at how common the Straw-Headed Bulbuls were.

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