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03 November 2005



Dear Sir,
We are Exporter Life Tropical Fish from Bogor,We would like to buy your shrim,
Please info The stocklist,pricelist,minimum order and term of payment
Hearing From You soon
CV.Tropical Aquarium


Have you some information about the caridina reproduction.


excuses my bad English,
I am a fan of shrimps from sulawesi lakes.
I would want to ask them if caridina sp. cardinal and caridina spongicola is possible Interbreed if together.
The caridina spongicola can live without sponge? How to find the sponge?
I know that they are species protected, but I have acquired asking
exemplary in captivity.

Thanks, Domenico


Hi there, Im wondering if its possible to attend at a lake expidition of if there are organisations who provide this for tourists at Sulawesi. I really wouldt like to see these shrimps in their natural habitat during september-october. Please if you know anything you can sent me a email: [email protected]

Thx in advance!


Robbert-jan (the netherlands)

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