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09 November 2005


Mr Wang

While under hypnosis recently (my first time), I had REM. A lot of it. As I wasn't asleep, I was conscious of it - however, it was all involuntary. Interesting, isn't it? I believe REM shows the unconscious mind at work (in a very active state), without the obscurations of the conscious mind (which has gone to sleep / been hypnotised).

On your 2nd article, I often suspect that a fundamental cause of disagreement between the two schools of thought is that in the first place, they do not have a common understanding of the word God. There is no point discussing or debating the question "Does God exist? Did he/it/she create the universe?" when in the first place, the common understanding of the word "God" is not there. You would all just be on different frequencies.


Wah! hynopsis! Why har, if I may ask? How did you know you had REM? Is it like those rare dreams when you are truly lucid? And why are you still up hours after your bedtime??:P


speaking of dreams i had the most bizarre one
so when my eye makes rapid movement
it means im not getting good sleep tonight *cries*

Mr Wang

I was with a professional hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is quite common in psychotherapy and has many applications - for instance, it is routinely used to help people with phobias; addictions (smoking, alcohol); lack of self-confidence; post trauma stress disorders (eg victims of sexual abuse); lack of self-confidence etc.

For me, we were doing something slightly more exotic. I was exploring my past lives. :) Wacky, isn't it.

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