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25 December 2005



They can all be eaten.


I was actually thinking of the oft-heard comments that we Asian folks can't get used to 'ang-moh' foods and produce...


... pineapples, chilli, tomatoes, potatoes, asparagus, carrots, pumpkins, broccoli, yam, sweet potato, tapioca, corn, peanuts, papayas and guava have in common?

erm... the above are asian food?
but angmohs also eat those too...
this is confusing
so they have in common that they are eaten by both angmoh and asians?

aiyah its just cooked differently.


Aiyah, it's so simple, they're all angiosperms!

I was going to consider that they were all plants that originated from the Americas, but I did some googling and realised that carrots and asparagus did not fit.


ya la... what came to mind was the kind of statements I hear (usually from my parent's generation, but also from the younger lot sometimes) that we here in Singapore/Malaysia/Asia etc... just can't get used to eating new-fangled Western or ang moh foods and 'kantang' produce. Neotropical produce like chilli, pineapples, peanuts, papayas, sweet potato were introduced to this region by the Portuguese or Dutch soon after their adoption by Europeans and in those days, it's clear that locals from India to Indonesia and China as well took to these foods readily and made them indispensable in their local cuisine. Nowadays, for some reason, people tend to mentally 'classify' produce (depending on whether they favour "Asian" or "Western" cooking, creating a sort of cultural barrier that extends to food as well.

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