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25 January 2006



Oh yes, it does seem that A LOT of scientific research done in other languages isn't reaching English-speaking audiences.

I do wonder if we can find analogues in the blackwater streams of South America; maybe if we explore the swamps of the flooded forest, we will find similar smaller catfish (esp. callichthyids and loricariids?), characins and killifish evolved to take advantage of these tiny microcosms?


Speaking of which, I never knew the miniaturised cyprinids had such bizarre morphological adaptations - lacking a lateral line and scalelessness?

Oh, and about neoteny, you forgot to mention axolotls and other salamanders! =D

u should talk about mudskipper as well i really would like to know how it grows



Francesco Nardelli

I would like to subscribe to your very interesting magazine. I am in Italy. How could I do it? Thank you and best regards.
Francesco Nardelli


OMG!!!!!!! they are the cutest little things in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

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