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15 February 2006



The biggest theropod of all... Oh, and it's Acrocanthosaurus.


Lmao all this is a joke it's well known that spinosaurus had lighter bones than T-rex or than Giganotosaurus ...and not Gigantosaurus (witch is an sauropod)Sue (largest Tyrannosaurus known) had an skull of 1,54 m ,compared to the largest Giganotausorus skull found 1,95m far from your 1,77 m of spinosaurus witch they founded only the snout by the way...and yeah Giganotosaurus is the Alpha predator with your good estimated lenght but weigthing 8 tons witch you did'nt mentionned.Get real 17 meters ok but don't oversize an dinosaurs only because it's your favorite.... Spinosaurus had light bones. So 17m and estimated to be 5 tons (spinosaurus aegypticus).Yeah and one last thing the image comparison is soooo wrong you made spinosaurus look 10% more massive then he really was.


The biggest known is Gigannotosaurus, a huge theropod. Spinosauruses are just longer, and the only food they might eat are just fish and dinosaurs near rivers

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