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07 February 2006



I guess the tourism trade of Denmark is going to be very poor this year.

Adam B

First, let me thank the author of this article! Extremely well-thought-out approach to this issue, and one that reflects the view of what I, as a dane, percieve as the vast majority of the citizens in my country, even many of our resident muslims!

Now for a comment on "Words ring hollow without firm action ":

"...concrete actions to censure the cartoonist..."
Not in my country, buddy! Censorship is one of the biggest no-no's imaginable, and as contrary to the culture of my country as you can get!

"absolving state responsibility for suppressing racially and religiously offensive literature"
No such litterature hs been published in this case. Jyllandposten printed an article with the intent of discussing the inaction towards terrorism in the name of Allah of moderate muslims across the world as well as the risk of violent opposition asociated with criticizing islam in any way. Both points have been proven beyond a doubt by the reactions seen across the muslim world. If anyone is being offensive towards isla it is muslims themselves!

"a thinly veiled racist television documentary on immigrants in Denmark that was brought to the European Court of Human Rights (Jersild vs Denmark, 1994)"
Jersild is certainly no racist! If anything he is a no-nonsence journalist who approach any subject, religious or not, with minimal respect. If you find his points offensive, perhaps it is because the truth is ill heard?!

"I worry for Denmark's social fabric if its residents, visitors and citizens have no protection from racially and religiously degrading insults or offensive messages."
Don't! Our social fabric is infinately more secure than you can imagine, if you truly think that state censorship is preferable to letting the individual have his /her own opinion and make his/her own choice! Hey, why don't you visit us? I'm sure you'll see less rascism on our streets (as well crime for that matter) than you'll see just about anywhere else. Are you aware that Denmark tops the list of racially tolerant countries in the wold?! This does not mean that we like being pushed around in our own home however...

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