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05 February 2006



Thanks! didn't know about public gallery of Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research. hope to pop in soon :)


Ooh button shells! Saw a whole bunch of them at East Coast, collected a lot, but I seem to have misplaced them somewhere... Damn.

It's really fascinating how this single species is so highly variable even within a single population. Just what are all those pretty colours for, anyway?

I wunder if these hairy crabs taste as good as the ones from China. Any1 know how to prepare them without a call to the A&E (or wherever they send a person that's silly enuff to gobble poisonous crabbies)?



ooo pissing shrimp! i know pissing shrimp! why dont u just say pissing shrimp. make monkey feel stupid with scientific name again. oh wait... mantis shrimp is not so scientific. bleh :P

testing ur new canon lens haR?
bah make me jealous

considering mrsduck's hatred towards mozzies.... lol i laughed out loud at ur aedes mosquito picture because its almost like id-ing the enemy! ATTACK! lol

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