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24 May 2006



Borders in Singapore? Heh, heh. I remember when we first moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan way back in September of 1987. The only Borders in existence-the only one in the entire universe-was in Ann Arbor. I was quite impressed by their store.

Now, I do all my book shopping on the Internet.


gosh so many things i wanted to comment exclaim and empathize about in this post. dammit i'll be succint.

bremen is great you should try to go i love st claires too gawd scales and brovil that sounds familiar i read crossing the road and everywhere and damn book chamber is where *I* get my literary erotica lol although i doubt i'll ever succumb to any mental masturbations. all in all i dont like the big bookstores. nothing rocks my boat these days. i went to the bookstore at chulalongkorn uni and i come back with a sgd40 white lotus book. everybody says ive been ripped off. but u will like the uni if u into SEA books. better if you read thai but there are english books. theres a whole shelf for white lotus alone. went to asia books here too and bought 3 books. books. i even worked at borders before. but thanks for introducing me to that ecologist book. lol. end.


Ja, the net's good for rare editions. But not for instant gratification...

monkey got verbal diarrhea ah??:P must be drink too much river water....

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