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28 January 2007



Interestingly enough, Cherax quadricarinatus is the only species of crayfish that can be imported into the UK for the aquarium trade, because the winters are apparently too cold for it to survive should it escape into the wild. Oh well...

Why is it that it seems that temperate species adapt very easily to tropical waters, as compared to the reverse. Carp of various species seem to settle in just fine in our reservoirs and ponds.


Macrobrachium rosenbergii have been extirpated from Singapore, correct? What is the largest remaining species?


From browsing on internet forums, it appears that a good many other species of Cherax have entered the Singaporean aquarium trade. Any reports of escapees?


hi, genghisprawn,

I am not sure which is the largest, but the surviving Macrobrachiums are far smaller, forest stream species unlike M.rosernbergii, probably no more than 10 cm from claw tip to tail.

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