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08 February 2007



today my lecturer for community service who is also from real estate and also a member of the West Coast Town Council, said a lot of very harsh things about feeding animals in the estate. Understandably, pigeons and other vectors are ok but he had to go throw cats into the whole foray. He confuses it with religious motivations for feeding/freeing animals. He also went on to say quite a lot of stuff that upset me very much. Oh well... such is the elite academic decision maker amongst us who are ruled by their own standards which were developed through... gosh? what? textbooks? what is "right" and "wrong"? Who made him the benchmark for us? I guess I'll have to go join Town Council as well *sigh* otherwise my estate will be ruledrun by people like him


Tis sad when humans blame other animals for their sins (bad farming methods lead to the virus problem in the first place).

Even sadder when the high and mighty bestow their benevolence unto us, without really understanding the problem.

Cest la vie.

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