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20 June 2007



Poor bear-bear!!!

Bear eater

I need bear parts for me to stand longer!


what is wrong with the bear at the top? it lookk=s like it is dead.


in my own oppinion i think it it just crool to post a pic of a dead sun bear. im just a kid under 13 but i know a lot about sun bears and really like them they are so unic compared to other bears like grizzlys. even thought im the only girl in ym class doing a report on sun bears i could carre less i think there really cool bears and try posting this... " sun bears are very good tree climbers because of there sharp claws and most of there food is up there, sun bears have a amazing sense of smell, sun bears have short sleek fur black or brown, sun bears are the smallest of all bears it only stands 60 centimers at the shoulder,sun bears have short black fur with a golden or white colored cresent shapedon their chest and the same lighter color around ther muzzle and eyes,sun bears never hibernate,sun bears are nocturnal, sun bears get there name from the U shape on their chest, and thats not even half the information i have gathered and what i have isnt half of what i plan to gather. my point in the comment is that i do not like at all one bit the dead sun bear you have postest and am very much wondering what the people who killed that bear get out of hurting animals like the sun bear that i like and i hope you talk this message seriously even though im just a kid and i hope you dont think i talk to much i would say more but i need more information on the best bear in the whole world ever created by God
sencerly Katie who really hopes you take this serously as i mentions in several parts in this message please the pic is really sed and ugly and sed and ugly and sed and ugly and sad and ugly and sad and ugld and really really really really really really really grose and i bet this is the longest comment you have ever gotton


MAKE THE BEAR PIC GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I can understand that you are upset about the photo. I also hate seeing it and the people who seem so pleased that the bear is dead. Still, I keep it posted as sometimes you have to show people what really happens to the animals and how other people treat these creatures, so that hopefully folks can be aware that this is happening and maybe do something to help the animals. Maybe you are too in your presentation. Thanks.

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