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20 June 2007



I can't believe it a bear


Man this is just sick! not to mention cruel but its okay io beilive in carma what goes around comes around, i reli dont get y people put picture as horrrible as tht up maybe they think its cool?? wel its not its reli reli lame and trust me yoo will be punished for it later on in your pathetic pointless lives =]


As sickening as images like these are, they are at least one method of getting the terrible reality across of what is going on in the world. With images like these people are more likely to be moved and act to hopefully bring and end to barbarism and the destruction of the planet

Sierra and Danielle

we totally agree with you katrina!!! this is definitly sick but people need to realize what is going on and hopefully they will change their ways!


I hope people realize that conserving sunbears, and respecting all animals in general, is a big part of being "human." As the most intelligent of the animal kingdom, we also have a respnsibility to not fall into that age-old trap of predator vs prey. And worse yet, killing for entertainment.


Stuff like this makes me really mad. To see a poor bear tied up for no apperent reason. Its VERY cruel what some people are capable of doing. The sun bear is such a pretty,unique, and amazing bear. They should'nt be killed, they should be protected.!! Ugh

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