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16 November 2010


Anna Tambour

To my favourite writer of any in the world, and my all-time favourite thinker and commentator about the relationship between all living things, AND to a true foodie to whom food and eating is part of the world around, and of a life that isn't being just a consumer or a dumber-than-real-life sponge, AND to a marvelous poet who is brave enough to include puns, and to a marvelous wordsmith who makes all your writing a pleasure of a poem to read, thank you for all the generosity you have shown over the years, to say what you do and show us what you show. I haven't said this on your blog before, but you still are a model of what a blog creator can be, more worthy than the quoted pundits of our age and someone worth quoting in any age. And a thinker who still awes me with your wit. I would have said it again these past days in my blog, but the superlatives choked me. How I feel about your observations just sounds like pr. It is, however, the bald truth.

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